Alfredo Gutiérrez’ passion in leadership has always been to develop the next generation by adding value to their journey as they develop self-awareness as a person and leader.  He approaches every opportunity with the mindset of a servant leader that guides others in their development. He intentionally seeks to add value to others by coming alongside of them and help them develop as a person and a leader.

Alfredo has served alongside his wife Daisy for 33 years in the religious world primarily starting churches.  They personally planted two churches and helped another one in turnaround.  The last 15 years Alfredo served at the district level enlisting, evaluating, equipping and empowering church planters and their teams in the startup of their churches.  Their greatest satisfaction comes from leadership development.  He has training in Gallup’s Strength 2.0 Assessment and has a certification on the SDI Core Strength Assessment, both of which he has used extensively to walk with individuals, couples and teams. Alfredo also holds a certification on the IDAK Assessment.

Education: B.A. Bible & Theology, Pastoral Ministries Minor – Toccoa Falls College M.A. Intercultural Ministries, Urban Missions Emphasis – Wheaton Grad School

  1. Communication
  2. Positivity
  3. Activator
  4. WOO
  5. Belief

REDBLUE Assertive-Nurturing. This means I am motivated by the maximum growth and development of others. I have a strong desire to direct, persuade, or lead others for their benefit.

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