Have you ever met anyone that didn’t want to meet powerful executives; particularly startup companies and entrepreneurs in the service or production industries?


Well, I’m sure the response could go either way; for the purpose of this analysis, however, let’s assume the intended response goes to the segment of folks that wish to make a connection with those whom they assume could add value to their business efforts.


The journey to these connections, while often include an element of luck, also requires a strategy.  Think about it this way, in your mind they have something you want and need. So then, your first question is to answer whether or not you have something they either want or need that will invariably add value to their business efforts.





Consider value to be other than the price and or cost of goods, instead consider it to be the rules of the road, the non-negotiables chief executives live by as they align their decision making process with their organizational mission.  Understanding this requires effort and research on your part before launching into the process of connecting with them, failing to do this will most likely lead to derailing your efforts.  It’s a question of fit; do their values and yours fit?


If “The Purpose of Business is Creating a Customer”, as stated by Peter Drucker, then doesn’t it stand to reason that creating customers that lead to repeat business has it as an intuitive common sense purpose to make a profit? So if the answer is yes, we then have an understanding of one of the key purposes of chief executives, they must deliver profits to and for their institutions as a basic requirement of their tenure; connecting with you, while it doesn’t have to be exclusively for profits, must demonstrate a greater than 80% probability of helping them delivering the desired results for their companies and or organizations. Will your connecting with a chief executive represent a potential profit for them?  


Much has been written, said and argued about the subject of time. Is time a valuable resource for you? Then, isn’t it reasonable to agree the same applies to chief executives?  How you plan to engage their time must be tailored to be not only memorable but also advantageous to their goals, more so than yours.  Paying attention to this important detail may be the catalyst to transforming the relationship from a connection to one of possible friendship that may lead to trust, a trust that will in a sense materialize in the exchange of commerce for both of you.  This is directly linked to being respectful of others time, a scarce resource in today’s business environment; a resource than when properly allocated must yield the desired result of such an investment.

Gate Keepers

Who are these people? Why do they exist and what is their purpose? Not all gate keepers are trained equally, nor do they all have the same zeal for what they’re designed to do, they do, however, have some things in common.  They all wish to serve their leaders with the level of proficiency that will keep their employment safe.  In many cases they have and control access to their employers time, and getting by them is an arduous task, hence the reason they’re employed. You must clearly understand their role, and treat them with the courtesies and respect owed to one of your clients, only then can you wish to develop a relationship with them that will aid in the achievement of your goals.  Remember to be authentic and not manipulative when you engage these professionals, they too are busy, so understanding the value you add to their bosses is a key element to getting their cooperation in making the connection.

Societal Responsibilities

What does this so called responsibility mean to chief executives? More importantly what does it mean to you?  What are yours or your organization endeavors in this area?

Many of the successful chief executives understand the importance of giving back to the community.  They link their actions to the brand they represent and are fully aware of how powerful doing something consequential where they live can be to advancing their company’s role and future growth, hence part of their formula for success.  When giving back to the community, the profit is to be measured differently, but make no mistake, it must be measured.  Understanding what chief executives do in this area will enrich your strategy as you journey to make a connection.  Speaking, caring and working together on important social issues can make the difference between making the connection, or not.


Jorge is an accomplished and experienced Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, and Consultant. He is certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement.  Jorge@BMOCgroup.com

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