Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline

Be Prepared Through Preparation and Execution

Look at the Numbers

“The statistics are a little scary. Of 100 people who reach retirement age, according to insurance industry statistics, four out of the hundred will be financially independent, and fifteen will have some savings put aside. The other 80 will be dependent on pensions, still working or broke – this after a lifetime of well-paid work in the most affluent society in human history.”  Brian Tracy July 2014

Begin with Desire and Decision

If you sincerely want to beat the odds, there are four critical steps that you must take, all starting with the letter D.

Desire: You must want it badly enough to make an unshakable commitment,

Decision: You must make a decision right now to do whatever is necessary, to be willing to pay any price, go any distance, to achieve your goal.

Determination: Keep at it until you succeed in spite of all the problems and obstacles you will experience

Discipline: Master yourself to develop the habits necessary for achieving your goals.


First, make a decision, right now, that you are going to succeed no matter what obstacles you face in the short term. Then write it down, make a plan and start to work on it every single day

Second, resolve in advance that you will persist in the face of every setback or obstacle you face. You will never give up. You will keep on moving forward until you finally achieve your goal.

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Source:  Adopted from  Brian Tracy July 2014


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