There’s no question that there are times when moving your office could be a necessary evil. Perhaps you’ve entered into a better lease agreement, or maybe the move is part of a cost-cutting measure. Either way, you’re now tasked with moving your belongings. How do you go about doing it? There are a number of tips to consider to make this move as efficient as possible. You should consider some of the following.

Set Up Server and IT Stuff Ahead of the Move

Within any office, it’s of crucial importance that productivity remains as high as possible. This is one of the main reasons why most relocation consultants recommend setting up electronic equipment such as servers and IT items ahead of time. In summary, if you move and then set up your electronic equipment, it will often take several days before your employees can get back to work. That’s a lot of lost productivity. Moreover, many experts recommend setting up your IT equipment at least two months before the move.

Protect Your Equipment

Be aware that there are some items that are more susceptible to damage than others when it comes to office equipment. Luckily, there are various methods you can employ to preserve your equipment during a move. Examples of this include using sheets and shrink wrap to pack different materials, packing and labeling all charger cords separately, providing felt pads for all furniture to prevent them from incurring damage from accidents, and listing directions on all of your supplies so that your moving staff knows exactly where everything needs to go within the new office space.

Give Everyone Assigned Moving Responsibilities

Another great tip is to give everyone his or her own assigned moving responsibilities. This could include requiring all staff to be responsible for packing up his or her own desk. This alone would be a major help to the moving company. Moreover, make sure that all staff members are aware of when they need to get their desks ready, and be sure to give them ample time to accomplish the task too. This can help bring coworkers together and boosts morale.

Although it goes without saying that moving an office is a tremendous undertaking, as long as your staff is as organized as possible, the task will go smoothly. Moreover, you should consider celebrating your new digs with an office party or get-together after the move to your new office is complete. Teamwork is always the best way to get such a task done.

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