Alongside concerns with attracting talented hires and keeping employees on board, start-up businesses and century-old companies alike need to find ways to maximize productivity in the workplace. A powerful way to improve employee output is by identifying software solutions that help increase efficiency for certain tasks. Below are three software solutions that will create a more productive work environment.

1. Performance Management Software

A trend in the human resources industry involves moving away from traditional performance reviews. Now, an increasing number of companies use data to track employee performance in the workplace—and recent software developments make performance management much easier.

There are now several companies that provide performance management software. Using this software to track employee performance makes it easy for management to identify problem employees and craft a solution to improve their productivity.

Performance management software also enables managers to:

    • Manage performance by individual or team
    • Utilize surveys to understand what helps and doesn’t help employees
  • Use online assessments to evaluate employees

These software-enabled tools can really help organizations boost productivity and manage their employees more efficiently.

2. Project Portfolio Management Software

Managing one project is challenging enough. If you or your employees are responsible for managing multiple projects at once, then project portfolio management (PPM) software can help make things go smoothly.

The features of PPM software extend beyond support for managing portfolio projects. On top of that function, PPM software facilitates program management and allows executives to oversee all projects.

As you shop around for PPM software, you can find programs that help with the following:

    • Planning several projects simultaneously
    • Allocating resources across the organization
  • Risk management

Because PPM software varies, it’s important for businesses to identify their business challenges and specific needs before choosing a management program.

3. Predictive Dialing Software

This type of software uses advanced automatic dialing technology and intricate algorithms to match the number of people available to take calls with the number of dialed calls. This software can help boost customer agent productivity levels as much as 300%, as they will be able to skip busy and unanswered phone lines, avoid disconnected phone numbers, and leave quick and easy voicemails.

4. Market Research Software

In order for a business to grow, the management team needs to understand their consumers. Manually surveying or researching each consumer and compiling the data would be extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

One solution for companies is to integrate market research software. There are now plenty of programs that use artificial intelligence to analyze and break-down consumer responses.

By tracking consumer responses using technology, employees can stay productive by specifically addressing real consumer concerns. With a targeted strategy, businesses are able to grow and achieve higher profitability.

Improving employee productivity is not a simple task. However, using the right technology can help keep employees on-track and focused on the issues that matter most.

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