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When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective.  


The journey to success is filled with peaks and valleys, small victories and painful disappointments.  Ask yourself the following questions; How many times did Abraham Lincoln failed with his bid to the presidency? How many times did Thomas Edison fail with his innovative ideas?  Do you think they questioned their performance? Were they any different than you within the context of the human construct? Were they not mere mortals just like you and I?  What did they do different within their journey to success?  

Task and Purpose

Are you doing what you were called to do?  What is your purpose?  What is it that burns and excites your being? – that little whisper inside of you that confirms that you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing?  This is your calling.  Believe in yourself, and if you really believe, then it will be so.

All Battles Require Different Strategies

All obstacles are unique and present complex adversaries.  How do you combat those within your circle of influence?  Often times our biggest critics reside within our midst.  They present us with the biggest, logical opposition, and engage in emotional warfare, though well intended. Understandably so, they have our best interest in mind, yet often engage us with a defeatism barrage of why they think we will fail in our journey.  Why does this happen?  Don’t they want us to succeed? Why can we simply enjoy their complete support? Aren’t we doing everything we can? Are we not working hard enough already?  How do we gain their support so at least for one moment we don’t have to engage in battle with them? Why don’t they see the future of our success like we do? – Hence the rub.  Your responsibility within this challenge is to do exactly that, whether your husband or your wife – they must see and feel your calling like you do.  You are challenged with articulating exactly what that looks and feels like – they must buy in to your dreams before they can support them.

Attitude is Essential

All attitudes are unequal, just like knowledge is not power, however, applied knowledge is.  We can’t change the past, yet we have the option every single day to set the right and positive attitude to face our day, challenges and obstacles that will shape our future.  Our experiences yield the knowledge necessary to fuel our success – applying that knowledge is a leadership responsibility that resides exclusively within us, a precursor to our success and an important equation within the acquisition of wisdom.  Is this not a logical path of true common sense?   




Jorge is an accomplished and experienced Executive Advisor, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Sales Trainer and Consultant. Certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement.  Jorge is Co-Author of The Change 7, Insights into Self Development, available in Amazon 14 September 2015

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