CLARITY through SUSTAINABILITY, a Business Application

When thinking of Sustainability as an organizational strategy, I can’t help but to also think of the value we offer as individual leaders and executives when we have the clarity of thought that invariable leads to cultural excellence. So then, as leader how do we reach that level of clarity? This clarity is about individual and organizational value of course – the Science of axiology gives us a look inside the measurement of value. In short, we must think of it as a byproduct of our talents, inherent and or learned. We revert to our own instinctive master of thinking when decision making becomes a challenged, particularly when the noise within is to loud. So then, how do you view sustainability?  Is it something green? Or is it something that will add value to your organization?

Among the myriad ways that sustainability has been defined, the simplest is: “the ability to sustain” or, put another way, “the capacity to endure.”  Let’s break it down into three digestible small portions:


Admittedly, what immediately come to mind is recycling.  In many businesses this appears as non-applicable, unless we think and adapt it using consumptionas the variable.  Remember when we were sold on the benefits of learning how to use computer?  And how they would replace paper creating more usable space in businesses as opposed to the storage of hard copy files? So then why do we still know of so many business executives that haven’t learned or adapt to this change?  Will this best business practice of going paperless not reduce your copy machine bill?  Is it time to adapt?

Thought:  Think of every area of consumption in your business you can reduce; not only will you add value to the environment but also to your expenses


Normally thought of as Healthy Communities, one that tends to fair rules, social justice, and reconnects the economy with what is right and just.  I prefer to simplify it this by thinking of it as people, particularly because I believe that people are important.   In this case we must be prepared to look at Diversity in the work place to be representative of the diversity of our communities.  Understanding demographics, birth rates and migration is essential to plan for the future in such a way as to adapt to the inevitable growth and change that is inevitably occurring as the face of America changes.

Thought:  Diversity is not only about ethnicity or race, it must be inclusive of diversity of thought


Usually thought of as Healthy Communities; “More than 400 ecovillages exist in the world, according to the Global Ecovillage Network database. One is a developing 280-acre community in northeastern Missouri with far-reaching goals. It aims to be an entirely self-reliant town that practices “radical environmental sustainability they even have their own local currency to encourage local trading and sourcing of jobs.” How Sustainable Communities Work;

http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/sustainable-community2.htmbyJennifer Horton

I’d like to think of this differently, perhaps within the pragmatism of business and the ability to manage growth.  I find many entrepreneurs and leaders absent of the understanding on the necessity of applying numbers to what they do, finances are essential to manage growth, productivity, consumption, etc.  What does your budget look like?  Are you managing expectations based on projections or are you using key performance indicators to manage your growth?


Jorge is an accomplished and experienced Executive Adviser, Author, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Sales Trainer, and Radio Host of the Business minute. Certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement. Jorge is Co-Author of The Change 7 Insights into Self Development, available in Amazon

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