Those We Lead Become Us

Ever since I can remember I had a deep desire to lead, well, actually I just wanted to be in charge of others, in control if you would.
It took me a great number of years to learn that leadership is learned, and those who are in leadership positions have a heavy load to carry as they engage in day to day activities.  They are responsible to develop junior leaders; and no amount of lecturing can prepare anyone for greater levels of responsibilities. From observing

Most of us learn from observing others, we mimic the behaviors of those we respect, those we b2ap3_thumbnail_The-Leader-in-Me.jpgtrust, and those we’re stuck with. 

We truly are a product of our past and during our formative years we absorb knowledge like a sponge, and emulate what we see, good or bad.  Take a few moments to watch this brief video and share your thoughts.  The video is endearing and quite humorous, yet it demonstrates the point perfectly –   – who do you think the protagonist is mimicking?

Remember, we become like our leaders, and those we lead become like us.  Maintaining the right set of attitudes, developing the right set of skills and knowledge is essential for personal growth and professional development.   

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