Q:          Does a Realtor need a business plan?
A:         Yes.   You must remember that even if you work for a broker, you are an independent business owner, however, not all plans are the same.  Simplicity is the key.


Developingthe Plan


ThePlanningprocess must provide aformatfor developing specificstrategies, converting those strategies into abusiness planningprocess, andestablishingmeasurableand attainableorganizationalgoals.Itisaprocess thatinvolvesnot onlydeterminingwhereyou are but also where you want andneedto go, but also, how it is going to get there. Determining where you wanttotakeyour businessis crucial.Here are some tips you can follow tounlockthedoor topersonaland organizationalsuccess!


Steps for PlanninganEffective Process


    Basic Foundation

    Vision andValues

    Values and Principles



    Mission Statement

    Critical Goal Categories

    Market and Sales Plan



“Itismanagement toolwhichwillhelps you do a better of jobfocusing your energies and your teams’ energies – ensuring thatyou’re allworking towardthesamegoals.”





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